DIY: Create A Faux Window With Artificial Sunlight Using A Recycled Window Frame

Installing new windows can add life to a room, but sometimes, traditional windows simply aren't an option, because either the wall is an interior one or you don't own the property. But, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a dark, dreary room. With a little creativity, you can transform your space with a delightful faux window complete with artificial sunlight.

Choosing a Window Frame

Choose a recycled window frame in a size and shape to complement your room. If you have existing windows in the room, choose a window frame in a similar size and style. If it will be the only window, choose one that complements the size of the space. A tiny window placed on a huge wall will look out of place. You can find recycled frames at yard sales and flea markets for a few dollars or save your old windows when you replace your windows.

Choosing a View

The next step in creating your breath-taking window to the outside is to choose a background to serve as the view. This is your chance to create the magical world you wish lay outside your door, or simulate the natural environment near your home. Measure the window frame first so you know the correct size for the background image. Look for posters of natural scenes such as ocean views or rolling fields of flowers. Be cautious of using images with distinct seasonal cues, especially if you live in an area with snow and ice in winter and lush green foliage in summer. A delightful spring scene may be appealing now, but when fall rolls around it may feel out of place. Get your own photos enlarged to poster size to add a personal touch to your window, if you prefer.

Preparing the Frame

Sand and prime the frame and paint it in a color to match any existing windows. If your room does not have other windows, use a color that complements your décor. Traditional white gives the frame a crisp, clean look, while pastel greens and blues create an airy feeling to the room. Neutral colors like black and brown blend with nearly any décor. When using colors for the frame, consider the color scheme in "the view" to avoid accidentally creating a clash of colors.

Assembling the Window

Place your poster on a flat surface so the image is facing up. Position the window frame over the poster so the scene shows through the window. Move the frame around until you get the view you prefer. Trace around the window with a pencil to mark the cutting line on the poster. Cut the poster to these dimensions. Staple the poster to the back of the window frame.

Finishing Touches

Hang the window frame on the wall in the desired location. Check that it is anchored securely. Attach a small light fixture with a daylight bulb or tube at the top of the window frame so the light is directed downward. You can buy these fixtures for a few dollars at your local hardware store. Install a curtain rod over the top of the window. Check that the hardware for the curtains allows enough room for the light fixture. Hang a set of curtains over the window. The curtains will hide the hardware while the light will create the illusion the sun is shining in the window. Curtains also conceal the edges of the frame and create the illusion of a real window.


  • Consider windows with fantasy scenes for children's rooms and reading nooks.
  • Try an Italian countryside for the view for Tuscan kitchens.
  • Add a window box with bright flowers to simulate a cottage garden.
  • Use mountain, ocean or forest scenes for a meditation room.

These faux windows are great if they're you're only option, but if it's possible to place actual windows in your room, you should start by contacting local window installation companies or visiting