How To Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers To Extend The Life Of Your Exterior Sliding Doors

Most exterior sliding glass doors have a life expectancy of 20 years. If your door is getting up there in age, there are things you can do to extend this life expectancy. For example, if your exterior sliding glass door is getting harder and harder to open and close, don't immediately come to the conclusion that you need to buy a brand-new door. This is a sign that the rollers on the door are worn out, which is a very quick and easy fix. Keep reading to learn how to repair your slider by replacing the rollers.

Step 1: Remove The Sliding Door From The Track

Start by standing on the inside of your home, facing the sliding door. Lift the door up into the top track. This is possible because in most cases, a sliding door sits deeper into the bottom track and doesn't reach all the way to the top of the upper track. As you lift the door up, pull the bottom of the door towards you until it clears the bottom track. Gently place the bottom of the door onto the floor, and the top of the door will also now be free from the track.

If your sliding door is very heavy, you may need to use a pry bar to lift it out of the bottom track. Also, if you have hardwood floors or vinyl tiles, you may want to put down a blanket so the door doesn't scratch the floor when placed on it.

Step 2: Locate The Rollers And Take Out The Screws

Look at the bottom of the door, which is now off the track. On the sides, you will see the rollers. These look like little wheels. Find the screw that holds each roller assembly into place and remove it. Depending on your exactly brand of sliding glass door, the screw may be located right above or below the roller, or it could be inside the bottom of the door. Most doors have 2 rollers, one on each side.

Step 3: Remove The Roller Assemblies And Buy New Ones

The easiest way to replace the rollers on a sliding glass door is to replace the entire roller assembly. Since the screws have been removed, you can pop out the roller assemblies on your door and take them to your local home improvement store to purchase replacements that will fit perfectly. Ask the sales associate for help, if you are having trouble.

Step 4: Fit The New Assemblies Into Position

Bring your new roller assemblies home and put each one into the same place the old one came out of. Then replace the screws to hold the new assemblies in place. When putting the new rollers into place, adjust them so that are up into the door as much as possible. This will make it easier to put the door back onto the tracks.

Step 5: Put The Sliding Door Back Onto The Tracks

Now reinstall the door back onto its tracks. Hold the door and put it up into the upper track first. Then slide the bottom of the glass door over the lower track. Then lower the door into the bottom track.

Step 6: Adjust The Rollers

Since you installed the new rollers high into the door to make the door installation easier, now you need to lower them in order for the sliding door to work properly. To do this, use a Philips screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw near the rollers in a clockwise direction to move the wheels down. Make adjustments as needed until the door is square with the door frame and sliding back and forth easily. Spray some oil lubricant on the new wheels and track if needed.

Repairing the rollers on your sliding glass door will extend the life of your door and will make it much easier to open and close the door once again. If you've made this repair yourself but you are still having trouble, or you feel this repair is best left to the professionals, then call a company like Cheaper Window Glass INC for assistance.