Update Your Kitchen With Replacement Windows

You already know the practical reasons for replacing your windows – specifically, that doing so makes your home more eco-friendly and helps decrease your utility bills. However, replacement windows can also have aesthetic value, especially in the kitchen. Natural light is ideal in any space, but this is particularly true in the kitchen. Utilize new window configurations to update your kitchen.

Stained Glass

If you have a traditional style kitchen, consider adding a stained glass window. As Home and Garden TV points out, stained glass comes predesigned in styles such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. You can also choose custom motifs. Stained glass can be used in any size window. However, it does affect the view, so be careful in its placement. For instance, consider using stained glass for transom windows, which are hung just above other windows. That way, you still get the colorful light without sacrificing your view.

Arched Windows

Arches are a classic design element, and they lend a sophisticated air to any space. However, arched windows can complement most any design style, from historical to modern. What's more, the geometry of the arches adds visual interest to an otherwise plain construction. You can choose windows with an arch build in. It's also possible to add semi-circular transom windows above standard rectangles for the same effect. If your kitchen is more modern in style, consider a single pane of glass to emphasize the geometry. Otherwise, multiple glass panes offer a traditional, even formal, feel.

Window Backsplash

Another method for showcasing geometry in a modern kitchen, as well as increase natural light, is by replacing a closed backsplash with a transparent one. This is essentially turning one of your walls into a hutch design. You can open the backsplash up to the outside or to another room. Such a backsplash is appropriate for almost any space because the glass is as easy to clean as tile. Consider locating this window near a sink so you have a pleasing view while doing the washing up.


For a maximum increase in light, consider having skylights installed. Skylights can radically decrease your need for artificial lighting, which has the added bonus of lowering your electrical bill. Indeed, skylights create an airy ambience in your kitchen by bathing it in sunlight. Locate your skylight above any food preparation areas to facilitate these tasks. Skylights also improve the ambience of a breakfast nook, so this is another likely location.

Whether you change the color, shape, or location of the glass, improve the overall beauty of your kitchen with replacement windows.