The Top Window Improvements That Will Help Reduce Heat Gain This Summer

Heat gain during the summer months is something that makes air conditioners work twice as hard to keep homes cool. Stopping heat gain is a never-ending battle that will begin with window improvements. For your home, you will want to choose the best improvements for your budget and needs. Replacement windows, awnings, and shutters are all great choices for window improvements to stop heat gain this summer. Here are the best window upgrades that are going to make a difference on your cooling costs:

1. Using Replacement Windows to Renovate and Improve Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows are a good choice to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you have windows that are old, outdated or damaged, replacements are the improvement for your windows. Renovations are a good time to have replacement windows installed to give your home a fresh appearance with new modern windows. If your windows are in good shape and newer, then the price of replacement windows is going to outweigh the benefits of having them installed, but there are other improvements to consider. You may even just want to have a couple of replacement windows installed where they are needed.

2. Practical Awnings That Help Provide Cover and Shade for Your Windows

Awnings are another great way to reduce heat gain in your home. Adding an awning to a window that gets a lot of sunlight will help reduce heat gain and UV radiation. The cover over wood windows will also reduce wear and damage that is caused by the elements. In addition, retractable awnings will give you the benefit of sunlight when you need it and shade when you want to keep the heat out.

3. Storm Shutter Options That Help with Energy Efficiency and Security of Your Home

Storm shutters are another option to give your home protection from direct sunlight. If you want to have a traditional design for your home, plantation shutters are a great way to add to the design and protect your home from sunlight and storms. There are even modern design solutions with roller shades that give you the option to automate your windows with light switch controls.

4. Window Films and Treatment Options to Insulate Windows and Stop Heat Gain

The window treatments inside your home will also provide windows with insulation and protection from direct sunlight. Use thicker curtains and thermal blinds to get the most energy savings from your investment in these window improvements. Window films are another great option to improve the energy efficiency of glass in windows, as well as reduce glare from direct sunlight.

These are some of the best window upgrades to reduce heat gain and your utility bills. Contact a window treatment service, such as Snyders Shades & Shutters, to help with the installation of window improvements to reduce heat gain and make your home more energy efficient.