Dealing With Damaged Home Windows

The condition of your home windows is important for numerous reasons. For instance, your house can lose appeal from the outside if the windows are damaged, especially if the damage is severe. Damaged windows are also one of the main things that can interfere with the energy efficiency of your house, such as if there are cracks that are allowing air to seep through. If your windows are not in good shape, you should consider hiring a professional to repair them, but new ones might be needed. Below, you will learn more about damaged home windows and getting them repaired.

Chips & Cracks in the Glass

The first thing that should be done is an inspection of your home windows. The condition of the glass will determine if simple repairs can be made or not. For example, if there are small chips in the glass, a contractor can likely remove them without having to replace an entire window. When it comes to repairing cracks glass, it depends on where the cracks are located and their size. Large cracks are not likely able to be repaired, especially if they are deep within the glass.

The Condition of the Frames

The condition of the frames will also play a role in whether or not simple repairs can be made to your windows. The frames are very important because they are needed for keeping the panes of glass secure. When your windows are inspected, the contractor can find out if the frames are bent, cracked, or has any other type of damage. The type of damage that is possible will depend on the specific type of frames that you have. For instance, wooden frames can have damage that was done by pests, such as termites.

Choosing New Windows

If you end up needing new windows, be careful about the ones you choose, as you want to choose windows that can add value to your house. For example, the best types of windows to choose are the ones that can provide a high level of energy efficiency. You can opt for double pane windows, as well as get argon gas inserted between the panes. Argon gas isn't unsafe, so there is nothing for you to worry about. The gas will simply make it difficult for air to seep in and out of your house through the windows, which means that your HVAC system will be more energy efficient to use.

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