2 Best Places To Score Affordable Windows For Your Home

If you have a window that you need to replace, but do not have a large budget for replacing your window, there are a few places you can look to score a deal on a new window for your home. This method works best if your window is a traditional size, such as three feet by four feet, instead of a custom size. Custom size windows can be harder to score a deal on.

#1 Returns At Your Local Home Improvement Stores

Most major big-box home improvement stores sell windows that you can purchase from the store. These windows are traditional sizes and are generally more affordable than custom windows. Since home improvement stores sell windows, that means that they often get windows returned to them when they don't work out.

When windows get returned, they generally don't go back on the shelves at their original price. Since the packaging has often been damaged or opened, return windows are often offered to other customers at a discounted price. The discount on these windows can be great, and can allow you to really cut down on the cost of replacing your window.

Check the window return area at your local home improvement store. You may be able to score a new window that someone else didn't want at a bargain price.

#2 Second-Hand Building Stores

Just like there are second-hand stores for clothing, there are also second-hand stores for building supplies. These second hand building supplies are often run by non-profit groups, such as Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army. They accept donations from home owners and contractors that have building supplies left over that they can't or don't want to return to the store but don't have a use for. They also sometimes get donations of products that are considered defective by home improvement stores and manufactures.

Many of these second-hand building supply stores have windows in stock. The size of the window can vary greatly, so you may need to check back a few times or at a few different stores before you find the right size window for your space. These windows are generally sold at a fraction of the price of what it would cost you to purchase a new window from a window store or home improvement store.

If you have a window that you need to replace and you have a small budget, start by looking at the returned windows at your local home improvement store and look for windows at local second-hand building stores. For more information, contact companies like Gilkey Windows.