Bought An Older Building For Your Business? 2 Repairs You May Need To Make

If you purchased an older building for your business, it is important that it is in good shape. This is because your customers will get a bad feeling about your company if they walk up to a building that is run down and in need of repairs.  To help you get started, below are two repairs you may want to make so you can open your business for customers.


Look over the windows and frames to see if they are in good condition. If they are but you have a few windows that have scratches or large breaks, you can contact a window repair company, like Acme Glass & Tinting. The windows contractor will remove the glass from the pane, repair the window, and put it back in the frame. While they are there, they can check all the windows for you, as they may see damage that you have missed. If you have doors that have glass in them, most window repair companies can repair these also.

If the company finds they cannot repair a window, they will place boards over it to protect your business from the elements and set up an appointment with you to come back and install a new one. If so, you should consider replacing all of your windows. Some types you can choose from include:

  1. Double-hung windows: Both the top and bottom of the window move up and down
  2. Casement windows: Open outward, with hinges on each side of the frame. Windows can be held open using a casement stay.
  3. Bay windows: Windows protrude out of the building.
  4. Awning windows: Casement windows that have an exterior awning.

The window repair service can go over how they will repair the windows with you to help you understand how the process works. 


Walk through the entire building and look at the flooring. Because the building is old, the flooring may be in bad condition. This is especially true if there is carpeting. If you find carpet that is dirty, you can try to clean it first. If you cannot get it clean, then replace it. Some types of commercial carpeting that work well include:

  1. Carpet tiles: Individual carpet tiles that can be removed individually if damaged or stained.
  2. Cut pile: Carpet fibers stand up
  3. Cut and loop: Carpet fibers are looped and lay in different directions
  4. Level loop: Carpet fiber is looped but lays level on the floor. The loops are smaller when compared to the other cuts.

If you do not want to use carpeting, there are different types of flooring you can choose from, including:

  1. Hardwood: Expensive flooring option, but durable, low maintenance, and looks great.
  2. Vinyl sheets: One large sheet is cut and laid on the floor. Holds up well to foot traffic and is durable.
  3. Vinyl planks: Look like hardwood. Durable and less expensive when compared to real wood.
  4. Concrete: Most durable and can be stained or painted.
  5. Tiles: Square tiles with mortar between them. Tiles are durable and elegant. 

If you are not sure what else needs to be done, contact a remodeling contractor to come to your building. They can offer many suggestions to you.