Are Wooden Windows For Your?

When it comes to major residential upgrades, replacing your windows is the ultimate project. It is one of the most expensive home renovations, but it is well worth it when you consider all of the positive impacts it can have on your property. For instance, there aren't many home upgrade that give your interior and exterior an upgrade at the same time. That is, windows will affect the look of your interior and exterior walls. Best of all, new windows are going to dramatically increase energy efficiency of your home, especially if your old windows are leaky and outdated. This article explains the maintenance necessary if you invest in wooden windows.

How Much Maintenance Does Wood Need?

It is best if you start by understanding how much maintenance is necessary if you own wooden windows. If you think that you can deal with this upkeep, you should feel free to invest in them, but just be sure to actually do your maintenance. That is, if you choose wooden windows, but fail to do the required maintenance, they are not going to last as long, they won't be as energy efficient, and they won't look as good.

In reality, the maintenance that is necessary to keep up wooden windows does vary from climate to climate. Usually, climates with more moisture are going to need more maintenance. Water is wood's worst enemy. This is why wooden windows need to be sealed and stained. Of course, waterproof wood sealant is going to wear off over time. Depending on where you live, you might need to reapply the sealant to the exterior side of your windows once every 5 to 10 years. Additionally, some windows jn your house, especially those are that are more exposed to the sun and moisture, are going to need more maintenance than others. Some windows will be naturally protected and they won't endure much exposure, so they will stay preserved.

So, a window on one side your house might need to be restained once every 10 years, while the window on the other side might need to be restained once every 5 years. Regardless, it is important to point out that wooden windows don't need to be maintained on a yearly basis. The stains will usually last several years without any issue.

Even though the maintenance on wooden windows is minimal, it is still more than many people realize. Talk to a company like Bradenton Window & Allied Products for more information about window maintenance.