Are You Building A Home And Wondering About Window Coverings? What To Know

If you are building a new home and you are wondering what type of window treatments you want, because you still want to have an open feel around the property, there are some things to take into consideration. There are ways you can keep the house modern and stylish, while still getting the coverage and the shade that you desire. Consider doing these things to make the necessary purchases throughout the home when it comes to shades and blinds for the property.

Upper Level Blinds

If you don't want blinds on all of the windows in the kitchen, great room, or tall areas that let in a lot of light, consider just using them upstairs in the bedrooms and bathrooms. This way you don't have to worry about opening and closing them on the mail level, or cleaning them, but you have them upstairs for privacy and to keep out the sun when you want to sleep in.

Decorative Curtains

You can put curtains in areas where guests will see, even if you intend to keep them open at all times. Choose a neutral patter if you are going to choose a high quality curtain that you don't want to replace in the future, and aim to put the curtains above the windows. The higher you hang the curtains the taller the room will seem.

Timed Shading

Many people who want to increase heating and cooling efficiency by keeping out the sun during the day, and by closing the blinds around the house at night can do so with timed blinds. You can have the angle of your house towards the sun inspected, and then the blinds will shade the property when needed in the summer as the heat and sun comes through. Get blinds or curtains that are insulated also if you want to improve efficiency even more.

If you are ready to build a home or you are already in the process of doing it, and you aren't sure if you want to pay for blinds to go throughout the house in all the windows, don't spend the money. Instead, look at the areas where you really think you want to have blinds, such as those from Sylvan's & Phillip's, and then consider curtains or other decorative options for the other areas. This way you can save money, but get the shading and privacy that you want in the areas where it will be needed most.