Why Solar Shades?

There are a lot of interior window treatment options for traditional recessed fixtures. The products come in many styles that also have a range of price tags. For example, for a 4' wide window, you can find cheap paper blackout shades that cost less than $50, expensive plantation shutters that will cost several hundred dollars and products in between that will cost anywhere from $100-$200. In this $100-$200 price range, you will have the most options, and many of these products can be purchased at home improvement stores. When it comes to products in this range, you definitely should definitely look at solar shades. This article explains advantages of having solar shades as your interior window treatment.

Styles and Materials

One of the best things about solar shades is the style there are many different designs that are made out of a variety of different fabrics. A solar shade looks more like fabric, rather than a solid material like wood, plastic, vinyl or paper. So, the overall style is far more homey. Some of the most popular solar shade fabrics are linen, wood fibers, tweed, and wovens. Many products have trim that contrasts with the shade color and material.


Solar shades also offer a lot of functionality, especially on fixtures that receive direct sunlight. With solar shades, you can see out of your window, but the shade helps block a large percentage of the UV rays coming in. This protects the fabrics inside your home from fading and surfaces wearing down due to sun exposure. The amount of shade and protection depends exactly on what product you buy.

Products will have a rating out of 100% for their openness. The higher the percentage, the more open the shades are, and the more light they will let it. Most solar shades have an openness between 10% and 20%. It is usually best to buy a darker product that lets less light in. If it gets to the point that you need to let a lot more light into your home for any reason, you can always just open the shade. You are more likely to regret having a product that doesn't offer enough solar protection.

Solar shades are a stylish way to add some solar efficiency to your window existing fixtures. It is a minimal investment, and cheap way to add a unique look to an otherwise ordinary window treatment.