Recently Moved? Secure Your Front Door Now

If you recently moved to a neighborhood that you don't know much about, you may wonder if the area's safe for your family. Although many communities use neighborhood watch programs to keep residents safe, some areas may not take such precautions. However, you can take a few safety measures to keep your family and home safe from crime, including reinforcing your front door

Why Reinforce Your Front Door?

You may think that windows are the most common places burglars use to break into homes, but they're not. Your front door may actually be the most vulnerable place in your home right now. About 34 percent of burglaries happen through the front door. Many of these thieves have the ability to pick or manipulate door locks with ease, particularly older locks. The criminals may use small hand tools to jimmy open locked doors, or they may use everyday credit cards to slip open spring-bolted locks. 

Some criminals sit and monitor your actions before they decide to target your front door. The thieves may hide in vehicles that resemble delivery trucks and cars. If you're in a hurry, you might not notice strange vehicles sitting outside or near your home. Once you leave home, the criminals use your spare key to invade your home. If the home invaders can't find a spare key, they may simply kick down your door to enter your house.

Now that you know the importance of securing your front door, you should take immediate action to do so. 

How Do You Reinforce Your Front Door?

If your current front door lacks a proper latch or lock, replace it now. Although you can install a new door yourself, you want to have a professional door installation company do it for you. An installation company can help you select a front door that has the ability to withstand excessive force and lock picking. These types of doors usually come with solid wood cores, steel hardware, and other features that can't collapse or crumble under pressure. 

After a contractor installs your new front door, ask them to inspect other entrances around your home, including your windows and back door. If a contractor finds a security issue with the entrances, they'll replace them for you. 

Don't take any chances with your family's safety. If you want to learn more about securing your front door or any other entrances around your home, contact an installation provider today.