Casement Windows: The Perfect Choice For Kitchens

If the windows in your kitchen have begun leaking or have developed some cracks, you will probably need to replace them. In doing so, you will have to make a big decision: which window style do you want? Casement windows, double-hung windows, awning windows -- they all have their advantages. However, casement windows are a particularly good choice for kitchens. Here's why.

Casement windows open with a little crank.

In the kitchen, you tend to have a lot of obstructions that make it hard to reach the window itself. Some windows may be behind counters, or maybe the table is pushed in front of a window. If you have a double-hung window in such a location, opening and closing it can be tough. You have to push and pull on the window sash to open such a window, which requires you to put your weight into it. With a casement window, you just have to turn a crank to open the window. Usually, this crank is at the base of the window. You don't have to put much pressure on it to turn it, and you can reach it easily from in front of a counter.

Casement windows allow for a lot of ventilation.

When you burn something and need to get the smoke out of your kitchen, you'll want to be able to open the window quickly and wide. A casement window swings wide open, letting a lot of fresh air in at once. This definitely comes in handy in the kitchen, whether you need to discharge smoke or just cool it off inside. The open window also acts as a backdrop, directing the wind through the window opening and into your home.

Casement windows lock securely.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and increasingly, people are spending time in their kitchens as they work on their laptops or use other technology. Plus, you may have expensive mixers and other expensive kitchen equipment that a thief may be tempted to steal. A casement window is harder to break in through than other types of windows. You latch the casement window into the frame when it is closed, and the lock can't be picked from the outside.

If you think a casement window may work well in your kitchen, talk to a window replacement company in your area. They can help you choose the specific windows that work for you.