3 Ways To Make Your Small Living Room Look Larger

If you have a small living room, and you can't expand upon the space, there are things that you can do to make your living room feel larger. If you want to make your living room feel larger, here are three things that you can do to change how your room feels.

#1 Go With Neutral Colors

First, you need to use neutral colors in your living room. Surprisingly, both dark and bright colors can make your space seem smaller than it is. The best way to use color to make your space look bigger is by using colors that are both light-toned neutral colors, such as beige, taupe, ivory, and light gray tones.

Light colors will make your room feel brighter and larger. Color can really change your perception of space, so make sure that you use colors to your advantage.

#2 Keep the Space Open

You don't want your space to be crowded or cluttered. Keep the space as open as possible. For example, get an ottoman that opens up so you can put your extra blankets inside of it instead of piling up the blankets on the sofa or inside of an open-air container.

Try to put extra items into containers, so they are not out in the open. The less clutter, and the more open space, the bigger your small living room will feel.

#3 Replace Your Windows

One of the biggest changes you can make is getting new windows in your living room. If you have windows that are extremely small or contain dark colored-glass, you are going to want to change out your windows.

One of the best ways to add more light, as well as more physical space to your room, is with either bay or bow windows.

Bay windows consist of two smaller windows and one larger window that are all connected at an angle. The small windows on the side generally open, while the larger middle window is generally a picture window. Bay windows pop outward away from your home, creating extra shelf space or room for a window seat. A bay window arrangement adds a little extra physical space to your small living room, as well as lots more light which can make your space feel larger. 

Or you can go with a bow window. A bow window contains a collection of equally sized windows, usually between three to five windows. A bow window does not pop out from your space as much as a bay window does, but it will still create enough room for some extra shelf space and will also add a fair amount of light to your living room.

If you have a small living room, make it feel bigger by painting it a neutral color and reducing the clutter. Remodel and add a bay or bow window to the space to add extra light and square footage.