Consider Appearance, Durability, and Maintenance When You Shop for a New Entry Door

The entry door to your home plays an important role. It provides security against intruders and protection from the weather and temperature extremes. While doing this, it also has to look beautiful and welcoming to your guests because the entry door gives guests the first impression of your home. Because of these important factors, choosing a new entry door is something to think about carefully. Here are some choices to make.

Choose the Door Color

An entry door can be painted any color you like, but you probably won't have to paint the new door for several years, so choosing the right color is important. You might want a color that matches the trim of your home, or something classic like a red, white, brown, or black door. Consider how the door will look against your siding and beneath your roof. However, you may prefer the look of stained wood instead. You can achieve this look without buying an expensive solid wood door since many door materials are made with colors and textured surfaces to look like wood.

You don't have to limit your search to a particular type of door when you want a specific color or stained wood look because you can find an option in steel, vinyl, fiberglass, or wood that would probably work.

Decide If You Want Glass

Decorative glass allows natural light into your home and it makes your front door more attractive. You can have a window in the door or glass put at the sides or top. Replacement doors come already hung on frames, and this makes it possible to change the entire look of your door without having to worry about getting the right fit in the frame. You can even enlarge the door opening if you want so you can add side glass. Glass in the doors doesn't necessarily make them less energy-efficient since the doors can be made with double or triple pane glass just like home windows. Just keep home security in mind when choosing glass for a front door so that intruders don't have easy access to your home. Impact glass keeps intruders out and also protects against storms.

Think About Maintenance

You'll probably have to paint any type of door you get eventually due to age and exposure to rain and the sun. Other repairs that might be needed include removing dents from steel doors and repairing wood damage from rot or insects in a wood door. No exterior door is completely maintenance-free, but if you want a door that doesn't warp or rot, then steel or fiberglass might be good choices.

Discuss your options for replacement doors with a professional so you get experienced advice about the best door to buy. Most quality exterior doors today provide excellent home security against intruders as long as the strike plate and lock are strong and the frame is sturdy. So, choosing your new door may come down to maintenance, appearance, and durability.