3 Reasons Plantation Shutters Are A Great Custom Window Treatment

When it comes to covering your windows, you have a multitude of options, from blinds to curtains to shutters. One of the best window coverings you can install are plantation shutters.  

Plantation Shutters Allow for a Great View 

When it comes to choosing plantation shutters for your window treatment, one of the best reasons to use plantation shutters is that they allow for a really great view.  

You can easily swing the shutters all the way open, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view when you want to look outside. Or you can easily close the shutters and tilt the louvers for privacy when you don't want anyone to be looking in at you. 

You can install plantation shutters that allow you to control the top and bottom louvers independently, which can increase your privacy options and options for enjoying the view outside.   

Plantation Shutters Allow for Great Light Control 

Second, plantation shutters allow for great control over the light. You have so much control over how much light gets in with plantation shutters. You can close the panels and the louvers to really make things dark. You can close the panels and tilt the louvers upwards or downwards to direct the light in a specific direction. Or you can open the shutters up all the way and let lots of light flood into your home.  

With plantation shutters, there are so many options that allow you to control how much light comes into the home, as well as where the light goes. If you like to really control and change the light that comes into your home throughout the day, plantation shutters may be a great fit for your home.  

Plantation Shutters Are Cord-Free 

Finally, plantation shutters are one of the only window treatments that are really cord-free. If you have small children in your homes or pets, having cord-free window treatments can help keep your children and pets safe.  

In addition, lacking a cord, plantation shutters are really easy to control by hand, or you can have motorized plantation shutters installed, which can be great for shutters located in hard to reach places or if you have mobility issues.  

Plantation shutters make a great custom window treatment. They allow you control over the view and the light, and they are one of the safest window treatments for pets and children. Enjoy the versatility that plantation shutters have to offer you. For more information, contact companies like Shades West.