Improving Your Home With Impact Windows Before The Next Storm Comes To Town

There are a lot of reasons for you to want to have impact windows installed on your home. They can be installed to protect against problems with damage during storms. There are some things that you will want to consider for the installation of impact windows. The following impact window installation information will help you prepare your home:

Evaluate Openings for Impact Window Installation

You will need to inspect all the window openings before the new units can be installed. Look for structural problems and damage that needs to be repaired when installing the new windows. Structural improvements may be necessary before the installation of the impact-resistant units.

You will also want to measure all the openings to ensure the windows you need are standard sizes. If there are any odd-sized openings, you will need to special order them in advance. You may also want to change the size of some of the openings when the new impact windows are installed.

Removing Old Windows From Openings

You need to remove the old windows from the openings before the impact units can be installed. The following steps will help you remove the old windows:

  • Remove the interior trim
  • Punch nails through the molding and remove any screws
  • Carefully knock the casing out of the opening with a block and hammer

These steps will allow you to remove the old windows to begin repairs and improvements easily. After the old windows are out of the opening, you will also want to reinforce the framing.

Reinforcing Openings and Sealing Them

Reinforcing the framing is also important before new impact windows can be installed. This can be done with heavier lumber, screws, and steel hurricane-strap brackets. After you have completed the reinforcements, seal the opening with a modern window tape that protects the wood framing from water and moisture damage. This tape is often applied over window seals and house wrap on the exterior of unfinished walls.

Proper Installation of New Impact Windows

The proper installation of impact windows is also important. First, the casing needs to fit snuggly in the opening. Once the unit is in position, it needs to be leveled and squared before nailing the exterior trim molding or flange. It can also be screwed to the wood framing from the inside of the casing, which will make it more resistant to damage during storms.

These are some things that will help you with the installation of impact windows for your home. Call an impact window service to start planning these improvements to get your home ready for another storm.